Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well, I suppose I should finally post something on our blog. After signing up for one, I wasn't sure what to do with it. So I have done some research, and did some thinking about it all. I had to figure out the main reason I wanted a blog. And, I think it is to showcase products, update customers (or potential) on sales, new products and our show schedules. And maybe for ramblings on how there is never enough time in a day to get done what I want, what new projects we may be thinking about, and for a collective way to gather input, comments or suggestions from you. For example, we need help in deciding on keeping the website or not. We also sell on Etsy.com-which is for handmade goods only-it is easy to set up and maintain. The website takes So much! So I apologize for it being so out of date. I am going to work on that this weekend-if my husband brings the camera home from work! I would like to focus on just one if possible. I would love your suggestions on this matter. Please add your comments.
New changes happening now are: New graphics! The graphic embodies Alisha and I. So perfect. I am in the green dress, and Alisha in the blue. I am looking for a more "crafter" feel. That is what we are...crafters. May not be what we started as, but it is what we have become. I want to showcase that.
Juried Craft Shows! We have our first application! This is a huge step. We will be "judged" on if our crafts are crafty enough! But planning for a year ahead is so complicated!
So, stay tuned for the new things to come! Check out our show schedule for the remainder of the year. 9 shows left...