Monday, November 24, 2008

Esty & celebrations

i just finally added a few new items to our etsy store. please check them out. there are more to come in the very near future!
off to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, my son' s on wednesday and then thanksgiving. will try to get more done during our holiday, but i also have a show at the Eagles Club in Freeport on Friday, the 28th. Come on out. we have a large family and celebrate with a different branch each day of the weekend. things will be crazy!
want to send wishes out to my gpa who is also having a birthday tomorrow and will be 89 years strong!
have a great thanksgiving and i will talk to you soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

salt dough, pictures and more

well, in the craziness that has been going on lately, we accidentally slightly burned the batch of stars i was telling you about in the previous post. so we had to scrap that batch. but now we have been so darn busy, i am not sure when we will have time to try them again.
other news, i did get some pictures taken, but couldn't find the cord to download them to the computer! problem has been solved, it was still at work with my husband. look for new pics coming soon.
tomorrow there is no school here in honor of veterans day, so i plan on an all day crafting fest in order to get prepared for our biggest show of the fall-lena's ladies day out! yeah. sales were great this past weekend, which means we are in need of more products. had a small snafu with an order i placed for quick supplies, but i am still hoping it will be here on time to finish up on friday.
lots of work to do, so i am off to finish house work that needs to be done before i can get down and dirty.
talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Salt Dough Ornies

i found a cool recipe for some cinnamon salt dough ornies. i have 3 trays of star shapes in the oven now to test them out. thought they would be great christmas decorations, and they are so darn popular! i bought a ton at the last show i was at in October. i have so many ideas floating in my head right now...will post pics as soon as i get some decorated.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So much going on...

so the craft show this weekend was a flop. and i hate saying that. it was so sad, because there was a huge turn out of vendors/crafters. i was so excited when i showed up at the amount of cars i saw being unloaded. but i only made 2 sales!! and some didn't sell a thing. i couldn't believe that for all the advertising i saw and the amount of crafters there that the attendance was so low. but it was a fun chance to chat with the regular girls, and meet some new faces. i am hoping it isn't an indicator of shows to come! i have 2 this week.
i got the cupcake soaps done that we had spent the entire week creating, and debuted them at this show. everyone thought they were cute, but walked on by! i was frustruated yet relieved that they didn't sell so it didn't mess up my arrangement on the cute cupcake stand i had found. i only made enough to fill it, so there would have been holes and it would have driven me crazy. i am ordering more soap as we speak to start back logging some cupcakes to fill in holes if needed in the future!
So my horoscope this morning told me to go out, spend money, and buy those things i wanted but didn't really need-i swear to you. so, while i was at the mall to run into bath & body works, i met an incredible crafter, Aubrey of Aubrey's Candles and Crafts! she had great wax dipped snowman that appeared to be melting, electric snowman candles, flicker snowman candles, and wax dipped toilet paper just to name a few items. her creations were right up my alley, so i bought a melting snowman. she said she had done really well there at the mall with their craft show. so i am going to contact the mall to see about participating in future events!!! and she gave me some insight about having a website. she was having the same issues that i am. so it is making me think harder on canceling the website. this was an exciting find today! i love my snowman, met someone new, and found a possible show!! that makes 2 news shows for the weekend! all in all, wasn't so bad!
i know i need to post some pics-i will be working on this this week. not such a crazy week with creating, so i will have some time to start taking new pics. i can't wait to show you what we have been creating for the holidays!
remember to get out to vote on tuesday-thank goodness it is almost over! this will be my first year voting so i am excited yet a bit nervous on how it works. i'll be taking to you soon!