Monday, November 10, 2008

salt dough, pictures and more

well, in the craziness that has been going on lately, we accidentally slightly burned the batch of stars i was telling you about in the previous post. so we had to scrap that batch. but now we have been so darn busy, i am not sure when we will have time to try them again.
other news, i did get some pictures taken, but couldn't find the cord to download them to the computer! problem has been solved, it was still at work with my husband. look for new pics coming soon.
tomorrow there is no school here in honor of veterans day, so i plan on an all day crafting fest in order to get prepared for our biggest show of the fall-lena's ladies day out! yeah. sales were great this past weekend, which means we are in need of more products. had a small snafu with an order i placed for quick supplies, but i am still hoping it will be here on time to finish up on friday.
lots of work to do, so i am off to finish house work that needs to be done before i can get down and dirty.
talk to you soon!

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