Thursday, December 18, 2008

Electric Candles

we have the coolest new electric candles available for sale now. i was shocked by the demand at my last show..all sold out. interested? go to our esty store and order yours today.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 shows are now...done!

saturday was the last show of the year. i think my body finally relaxed yesterday and i fell asleep at the kitchen table reading a book! i slept so well last night! but the new year looms very near. my first show should be on February 28. and 2 more shortly after that!
in the mean time, i am busy working on organization! it will affect everything. we are also brainstorming ideas for new spring/summer products. i am sure not much will change, a few things, but i want to keep things more simple from now on. no more flip flopping from one new project to another. that is one of my resolutions for the year! my second is to purge old supplies and products. big sale coming soon! i just hope it warms up soon so i can start looking thru it all.
it is about 13 degrees right now (it was 0 this morning!) and it is snowing like crazy! they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow tonight, lots of ice and 3-6 on thursday, and 3-6 on saturday! that is not including the snow in the forecast for next week!!! i think we will have a white christmas!
i also have a rough draft of a catalog! it is amazing that i had the program all along but never tried it out. within a few short hours i had a catalog in my hands! fine tuning and pictures are all i have left to do. i think with the addition of a catalog, we will work on a party plan (hostess benefits) and perhaps a consultant program. one step at a time... i still need to finish decorating my christmas trees. we ran out of time to get and enjoy a real tree this year and have opted for my flea market find-set of 3 prim trees! so cute. they all have lights-just need to add the bulbs etc.
so while i am waiting for my husband to come home with the groceries in this storm, i am going to pull the remaining holiday items out and get them ready to go to the local flower shop were i have a small display and see how much will sell before christmas. my head is crammed with what i need to do and what i want to do that i am not sure where to start first. it may be a bit of burn out too. but i do have to say that just about everyone in the family is getting a crafty handmade christmas gift this year. i bought a lot from etsy. it is all starting to arrive and i am so impressed! can't wait to see what everyone thinks!
have a merry christmas and a happy new year!