Friday, January 16, 2009

wow! it has been almost a month since my last post. oops...didn't mean to let it go this long! so i was just re-reading my last post about all the organizing and new products coming, and i have to say i have stuck to it! all of our new molds are in and sample pictures are on the slide show below. very cool new stuff. the website and esty store are all updated. we even have a new domain name! makes more sense now. so i am in the middle of changing everything over to the new name. new business cards arrived this week. we have revamped our public image too. we have gone for a bright color palate..lots of pink and brown. cupcakes and bubbles. have not been able to duplicate it to our website yet, so it remains the same. i am hoping the bright colors help us stand out this spring at our shows.

i have been following the soap queen blog about setting new goals for your business in the new year. she has been covering lots of great plans, marketing and goals. i have been taking lots of notes and love what is developing. some of my new goals for the year (besides the organization) are: a catalog, online party, catalog party, consultant program, keeping proper inventory, attending at least 1 craft show a month-toward the fall this will be at least 5 a month, but i want to get the spring going. i have 1 or more shows every month but august so far. i want to try some new shows-some that are strictly craft dedicated. i want more from the website and esty store, and to put out a monthly newsletter.

i noticed a HUGE decline in money since the craft show season ended in mid December. i got so used to all the money that i now have no money really to buy new supplies with. this sucks! and the weather here is not helping-this is the 3rd day off from work/school in a row due to snow and temps (-15 right now) my car won't start! but we are muddling along.

i was excited to see that we have our first follower too! thanks snowberry creek sample box! we will have samples to send in soon!

well, i am going to go back to praying my car will start-this is day 2 of not leaving the house and we are starting to go stir-crazy. my husband will be home tomorrow with the jumper cables, so i should be back in business by tomorrow afternoon! stay warm if you are in the midwest!


Anne-Marie said...

Your goals sound great! I've heard a lot of positive feedback about the party and consultant way to do business as a small, handmade body company. I hope you find lots of success with it.

Snowberry Creek said...

Congratulations on getting organized, taking pictures of your new products and meeting your goals. You have been one busy lady.

Another of our e-tailers is going the home party and wholesale route. You may have read about her on our blog. Remember we offer (for free) to blog about anything new our e-tailers are doing, making, promoting. We are still featuring our "e-tailer spotlight" and "product showcase". When you send samples in, feel free to send a brochure or write up about your new opportunities for people and we will be happy to include them in the boxes.

Your blog looks great! Glad to be your first follower.

Praying that your weather clears, the kiddo get outside and you are able to motor about. :)